Find Me a New Car, 20°


In June 2008
Los Angeles, CA, United States


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About This Project 

My car lease is up in June. Going vehicle free isn't an option, so I need your help in finding a new car. My criteria: Seats more than 2 people, Less than $380 a month, lease or loan, new or used, Can go at least 50 miles in a single trip!

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So I did it, I broke down and... in June 2008 by Leslie B.

So I did it, I broke down and put down a deposit to get on the waiting list for a 2008 Prius (Package 2). The cost of buying a used one was almost as much as a new one, and this way I will get more miles out of it. I figure the extra monthly cost to buy it is offset by less gas. Hopefully it won't take a full 3 months to get it, although I am looking forward (sort of) to being carless after I turn mine in next week!