EVS WWOOF Bulgaria - 2008-BG-25, 10°


In October 2008
Bulgaria, Bulgaria


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Sailendra Chaudhary, 5 years, 1 month ago

if we want to save the environment and increse the reforestation it important to include the local peoples as an important step

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100 volunteers can come to Bulgaria and be funded through the European Voluntary Services EVS project. the funding will cover their travel to Bulgaria, health insurance for the year, languge course, food and accommodation, a mentor for the year and some spending money for the year. They will come and help put together presentations about sustainable farming and they will also come and help and hearn on five organic farms of their choice throughout the year. They must be 18-30 years old, be able to adapt to living in rural areas of Bulgaria in farming environments. They must be able to work in a group and on their own. The first step is to send an e-mail to wwoofbulgaia@hotmail.com

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