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Solar Panels to go the same way as LCD Panels?

in March 2009

After my NWDA meeting I popped into my old business in the Warrington Centre Park estate. 5 of the main people I employed were in so it was good to catch up on things. What has really been noticeable is the price drop of LCD Panels over the past 3-4 years. Hopefully we will see economies of scale hit the Solar PV market too. I would love to see a much wider uptake of Solar over the next 2-3 years here.

Age of Stupid at FACT Liverpool

in March 2009

I had a couple of meetings in Liverpool, again telematics related but I was able to spend some of my lunch break discussing efficiency ideas that could be utilised more widely by my company. After the meeting I went to secure my ticket for the premiere of the Age Of Stupid climate film but found it had sold out. Oh well will have to wait for its more general release.

ECO Tent in the Warrington Market

in March 2009

I had another meeting in the town centre of Warrington and went to discuss the Boroughs use of telematics in their various vehicles. I was impressed to see the council have a really informative stand on energy efficiency and ideas including rain water harvesting , solar and general efficiency on lighting and heating. Glad to see it was located in an area where the footfall is quite high. Well done Warrington.

NWDA Warrington - Wind Turbine

in March 2009

Today I went to discuss emission reduction via use of telematics at the North West Development Agency who have some very big projects going on in the area. Whilst I was there I was able to speak with the project manager of the onsite wind turbine which is the 'only' one inside the Warrington Town Boundary. I was staggered to learn that the bureaucrats at the local council held the project up for 2 years. At least the way is now paved for further developments in the area. Red tape is killin this country.