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Help us flesh out the "real deal" on various options for action on climate change. In other words, what does it really cost, how do you pay for it, what are the tax breaks, how does it really work? For instance, I explained how our business photovoltaic system helped us get the money to buy our Prius. These Real Facts for a model project for a business installing solar photovoltaics are at

That's the type of Real Facts we need on all the various climate actions. Send us your model project or new technology, and tell us your Real Facts, and if its something others could use, we can write it up. We will put it on and Celsius could summarize & link to the article for the community to share.
We are looking for Real Facts on solar, insulation, buildings, energy saving ideas, renewables, biofuels, new wheels (e.g. hybrids, electric, alternative fuel vehicles), new fuels, communities, and energy policy. If you have done something, let us know what it cost, how well it worked, how you paid for it, what you would like others to know about it. Share the "real deal".
If your company is advancing a new technology or product and would like a good in-depth article, send us the Real Facts information and a contact person.
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Craig A. Severance, CPA, Editor

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