Electric Vehicles - Zero Emissions - Saving Our Planet for Future Generations, 15°


In September 2009
Auckland, New Zealand
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About This Project 

Promote Electric Vehicles into our environment. Spread the message and the knowledge about Alternate Fuels and Electric Vehicles.

Our environment is being polluted with harmful gases and other toxins which are not only hurting our environment but also our daily lives are being compromised by the toxins around us. We are all contributing to this damage. We have a responsibility to leave this place better than we found it for the benefit of our future generations.

The Earth does not belong to us but we belong to the Earth. We are a part of an Ecosystem that is so very vulnerable and if we damage this environment then we damage our own future.

Today’s internal combustion engines contribute nothing towards the development of renewable energy sources. Because these cars draw their power from oil and gas, they offer no incentive for utility companies to invest in or develop solar, wind, or geothermal power plants.

Gasoline driven cars are also to be de-commissioned in the near future and replaced with Battery powered cars. The car batteries are to be charged with renewable energy sources such as Solar, Wind, Hydro, Tidal, Geo-Thermal and anything that is renewal and has a zero-carbon footprint in the energy generation process.

Electric cars are no longer some kind of science fiction fantasy. They have moved from the drawing board to reality. As desirable as electric cars may be for New Zealand and many New Zealanders, they will start off being expensive. The Government believes it is appropriate to provide an incentive for electric vehicles through an exemption to road user charges.

Zero-emission electric cars won’t simply end the destructive relationship between transportation and oil. They will put the world on a path towards a future where renewable energy sources are our only energy sources.