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In April 2008
Auckland, New Zealand
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About This Project 

On the 3rd of April 2008, ecostore, a New Zealand icon of sustainable living, hosted Green Drinks in the form of a lively street party outside ecostore in Auckland’s Freemans Bay.

Over 220 people from all walks of life and career paths turned up to network and discuss matters of sustainability. “We have always wanted to hold a street party as a way of celebrating the essential green principles of locality, friendship, networking, the great outdoors-- and to enjoy our wonderful summer weather,” says Malcolm Rands, Founder of ecostore.

Entertaining the crowd was musician Pete Leenan with a guest appearance of Malcolm Rands on keyboards. Wizard Wands were on performing and blowing bubbles throughout the evening with ecostore dish soap. The events also included the unveiling of an innovative work of art: the ecostore sculpture. This unique piece features a striking blue barrel spilling forth with a cascade of green and flowers.

Conversations carried on amongst the partygoers late into the evening with the last Green Drinkers staying on in the intimate setting of the ecostore concept space. The well attended event was coordinated with the overwhelming support of ecostore staff, NZAEE volunteers, and coordination assistance by Wright Communications. Rallying to the cause were also a fantastic group of event sponsors including Pitango, Purefresh Organics, Kohu Road Ice Cream, Phoenix Organics, Good Water, Allan Scott Wines, Lothlorien, and Green Man Organic Beers provided by Les Mills.

Across the Auckland region, Green Drinks is coordinated by NZAEE (NZ Association for Environmental Education) on a monthly basis. Each month the event is hosted in a new location with a new host. "It’s basically about people from different professions and backgrounds getting together in a relaxed social setting and talking about sustainability in their city. We have scientists talking to ad execs, engineers talking to artists, and academics talking to TV producers. It's a great mix," says NZAEE Co-Chair, Trish Kirkland-Smith. Anyone can be added to the Auckland Green Drinks invite database, just email, or go to the international Green Drinks website for more information [][1] [1]:

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