In January 2008
Europe and UK, Republic of Moldova
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About This Project 

EcoBase it is a modern interpretation of traditional log homes. Inside this 132 square meters two-storey home you can find everything for sustainable living: > kitchen, living room, bathroom and
two bedrooms. It comes up with 3 basic types of the home - all stylish, modern, green and energy-efficient.

The roof is ready for installation of photovoltaic panels. The windows use Low-E coating. A combination of modern materials that can be recycled with traditional log homes structure gives EcoBase prefab a unique look. And the price around 800-850 Euros per square meter allows to create conditions for every lifestyle.

We are all aware about difference in perception between women and men, so we decided to present information about our project in two slightly differing manners:)
Take a closer look at > []

1 Project Update 

All the design work was finished before New ... in March 2008 by Alex G.

All the design work was finished before New Year but project really came to life from 2008 when we launch the web site.

As would be expected every country have their own building regulations, so we are now trying to find appropriate partners for on-site construction work.

EcoBase project has found partners in France and Italy. Spain is on the way!

More contact details was added to the EcoBase site: now you can reach us even via Skype.