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In September 2009
Orlando, Fl, United States
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About This Project 

I am working on putting together a thorough business proposal to send to restaurants in an effort to get them to switch to compostable, renewable, and/or materials made from recycled content.

At this beginning stage, I am focusing on just the take-out containers. I feel it is the one thing that most restaurants use and use often. The containers are typically made from plastics or styrofoam. Although these materials can be recycled, recycling is not as wide spread as it could be. Therefore, by switching to compostable paper goods, there is no need for recycling. A consumer can either throw it in their compost box or in the trash. Compostable materials can typically degrade in about 4-6 months.

Part of the proposal will include consumer input based on data gathered from a brief survey. If business owners can see that their market is demanding something, they would be more apt to consider changes to their bottom line. The more responses I get to this survey, the more data I will have to bring to restaurants. Responses to question #10 will be shared with viewers of the proposal. The survey will be open to responses until September 7th.

Also, I am in need of information for a detailed cost analysis. If anyone works in a restaurant and can provide unit costs for the take-out containers, it would be of great help.

I plan on starting this locally here in Orlando and if I get a good response, go to major restaurant chains. My hope is that when the restaurant owner(s) see the benefits, if they do not chose to switch immediately, they definitely take it into consideration.

Change starts with a little thought that grows into a movement.

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1 Project Update 

Completion in October 2009 by J. Hunt

I have completed writing the report and creating the Powerpoint presentation.

My next goal is to find people who own restaurants willing to read, watch, and listen to the information.

I live in the Orlando, Fl area and am available to come to your business and make a presentation within a 150 mile radius.
I am also willing to email PDF copies of the report and a copy of the Powerpoint to those interested.

If we all get together for a common cause - even a seemingly small one such as getting food establishments to switch from foam to compostables - it can make a huge impact.

I am really excited about this presentation.