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In December 2008
Bangalore, India
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About This Project 

Its time when sustainability and eco friendlyness is echoing everywhere

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to an innovation in the field of fashion industry and novel league of eco-friendly fashion apparels made from it under the label called 'August'.

The eco-friendly designer collection for women has been developed using a patented technology called DPOL. DPOL means 'Direct panel on loom'. The technology and collection is first of its kinds and patent has been acquired by its promoters and designer. DPOL is a signature technology which has been presented and acknowledged at national level conferences by stalwarts of fashion industry.

Using DPOL one can produce ready to stitch shaped woven garment components. These components are finished at the edges by selvedge. This considerably increases fabric efficiency by approx 15%-22% and reduces lead time by approx 50%. DPOL supports sustainability by reducing chemical and other wastages (energy, dyes, yarns, fibers ) by 17%-20%, thus imparting the eco-friendly nature to the apparels right from the inception of the process to develop the garments.

Apart from the eco-friendly aspect of the innovation, there are many notable uniqueness, some of these are: Continuity of design, proportionate design, non repeatable design and motifs etc.

The label with its tool DPOL introduces world to a new fashion concept; in order to revolutionize the fashion industry at a larger scale and a fast pace we would like people to join the project'August' and make it a grand Success!

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