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Matthew W., 7 years, 2 months ago

Free knowledge to the end user is a great thing. Long may it continue...

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WOWIO - is reducing the environmental impacts associated with printed books by providing all-digital ebook alternatives.

Despite the not-insignificant environmental cost of running the Internet and the life-cycle costs of the devices needed to read the content, digital books are still an enormous step forward compared to the impacts of printed books — some 20 million trees consumed for books sold in the US alone, plus the energy consumption, carbon release and waste by-products associated with their printing, distribution and disposal. That these ebooks also happen to be _free_ is an added bonus.

Currently we only offer our ebooks to residents of the United States, but we are working diligently to roll out to readers in additional countries. If you live in the U.S. and are looking for a way to reduce your reading-related environmental impacts, please give us a try -

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1 Project Update 

WOWIO opened on the Web in August of... in April 2008 by Robert K.

WOWIO opened on the Web in August of 2006. As of April 2008, we have distributed more that 1.5M electronic books resulting in significant savings in energy and raw materials compared to their printed equivalents. See