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In August 2008
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Matthew W., 6 years, 7 months ago

Hi Chris - this is a great idea. I've flagged your project on twitter... hopefully you get a bit of traction. Great work!

Charles M., 6 years ago

This kind of "micro-payment" funding of projects is a great way to democratize small projects.

Wish you well!

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About This Project 

This is an opportunity for the Celsias community to collectively commission an investigative journalism effort about the cement industry.

Spot.Us is a nonprofit that lets individuals or groups share the cost of funding an investigative journalists. We are still under development, but set to launch in the Fall thanks to a grant from the Knight Foundation.

Here's a NY Times article with more information:

Right now, we're in the process of hiring a reporter to investigate the cement industry and we thought would be interested in sharing news about this. The projects proposed deliverables are: A 1,500 word feature on the tension between California's efforts to curtail emissions and the local cement plants' desire to stay in the state and in business despite being a heavy c02 emitter. Will also include multimedia (video, slide show, or at least lots of visualized data).

For details and to take action:

What would be great is if you could spread the word about this goal through your own network. We only need 9 more people to donate $10 (smaller/larger donations welcome). Can you help us find those people? The end content will, of course, be creative commons which means Celsias could republish it - and we hope that it serves your information needs.

I'm very passionate about making sure that independent journalism thrives despite harsh economic times for newspapers - and we can do this together.

All we need is a small $10 pledge. Best of all - the pledge is only enacted IF we reach our final goal. This way you know your pledge will be meaningful or won't be taken at all.

Please keep your eye on as we continue to pioneer "community funded reporting."

Feel free to contact me at David at Spot dot Us

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