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In October 2010
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About This Project 

CREATE! is implementing its initial country program in Senegal, West Africa. Senegal is not only representative of many Sub-Saharan African countries hardest hit by the increasingly disastrous effects of global climate change, but represents one of the most daunting challenges to respond to it, especially as it affects the rural poor.

Rural village populations in Senegal, already under severe hardship, are increasingly subjected to the aggravated inter-connected effects of global climate change, threatening their access to water, their ability to grow sufficient food, their health, their livelihoods, their way of life, and their lives.

CREATE! seeks to face this challenge and assist these populations with small-scale, accessible "appropriate" technologies – technologies that are adapted to, and fit, their local conditions -- and with human needs-based strategies that can both ameliorate their lives and build their capacity to meet these inter-connected challenges.

CREATE!’s country program is being implemented in two main areas, comprising a total of nine villages. One zone is in the rural north of Senegal, centered around Linguere in the Louga Region. CREATE! implements activities in four villages in this region. The other zone is in the central-west of Senegal, centered around Gossas in the Fatick Region. CREATE! implements program activities in five villages in this region. The total beneficiary population of all nine villages is approximately 20,000 people, comprised of ethnic agricultural Woloffs and pastoral Peulhs. The average per capita annual income of the population in these villages is approximately $350/year.

There are potential CREATE! project zones throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and other areas of the developing world. CREATE! will expand to other villages and countries as funding and other resources permit, based on a well-documented track record of dynamic and effective implementation in Senegal.

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