Cool the Earth Contest, 30°


In August 2008
Tokyo, Japan


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About This Project 

As the first commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol approaches, hot debate about global warming is taking place around the world. It is now time for all sectors; industry, government, academia and the private sector, to work to bring about significant changes.

In particular, now is the time for Japan, which chaired the conference which gave birth to the Kyoto Protocol, to take the initiative in gathering ideas from all over the world and promote effective strategies.

With the aim of curbing global warming as much as possible and keeping the earth "cool", we are calling for ideas from around the world for reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Applicants will have the opportunity to exchange views or to network over the Internet in order to enhance the feasibility of ideas.

Based on the innovative ideas we receive, prototype projects will be conducted in Japan to establish models for reducing emissions. The results of these projects will be reported to the global community in the hope that this will promote further innovation towards reducing CO2 emissions.

◆Schedule Idea Submission Period: August 4th (Mon) - October 3rd (Fri) 2008 (5:00PM(Japan time))
Note: After applying, applicants can join a specially prepared internet community. Here, they can exchange opinions, refine their ideas and network. We will provide details after receiving applications.

Results Announced:
First Screening: Late October
Second Screening: Late November (Winners will be informed by e-mail)
Awards Ceremony: December 11th, 12th, or 13th (at Eco-Products 2008 exhibition)

*The Awards Ceremony will be held at Eco Products 2008 Exhibition in Tokyo, the Japan's largest eco-related exhibition.
(Report of Eco Products Exhibition 2007)

◆Entry Divisions
Business Division (domestic / overseas) We are calling for ideas for new business models which contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. We are looking for ideas that can be applied to going forward, not ideas that are aimed at expanding the markets of existing businesses. Applicants are not required to have relevant business experience.
Governmental System/Policy Division (domestic / overseas) We are calling for ideas to establish systems and policies which can be utilized by national or local governments. We welcome ideas for removing barriers that hinder new businesses start-up, or ideas for schemes aimed at encouraging people to change their lifestyles to reduce CO2 emissions. Ideas do not have to be consistent nor comply with current Japanese systems, regulations, etc.                                                    
Note: Applicants who apply in the domestic division should apply in Japanese. Applicants who apply in the overseas division should apply in English. Applicants who reside in Japan may apply in the overseas division.
◆Prizes for Winners
For each of four entry divisions, one special prize is awarded. A grand prize is then awarded to one of the special prize winners.
Grand Prize:300,000 yen, US dollar; $2,773.15 (Aug 8, 2008 Currency)
Special Prizes:50,000yen, US dollar: $462.19 (Aug 4, 2008 Currency)

◆Communication Space (Facebook)
◆Steering Body Organizer: Eco Business Creation Association (in alphabetical order)
(12 Members: Amita Corporation, Kajima Corporation, Kanagawa Prefectural Government, Kawasaki City Government, Eco Design Institute, Nippon Koei Co., Ltd., Nomura Research Institute, Ltd., NTT Resonant Inc., Orix Co. Ltd., Tokyo Electric Power Company and Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd., Tool-Box Inc.)

Additional Support: NTT Resonant Inc., Japan for Sustainability (JFS), EcoNetworks Co.
◆Contact Information:
Contact Information:
Shiro Hosojima/Shoko Sugasawa JFS/EcoNetworks Co. (supporter of contest)
(for inquiries or information in Japanese, contact Kouichi Inagaki, "Cool the Earth" Idea Contest Office, c/o Amita Corporation.
28 Banchi, Sanbancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0075 Japan

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