Consumers Need to be More Careful When They Make a Purchase Using Credit Cards, 10°


In July 2011
Houston, Texas, United States


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About This Project 

Anti-fraud insurance policies as well as campaign regarding ID theft can be very helpful in order to provide awareness to consumers but we as individual citizens should also device our own ways on how to combat this crime. Most people rely on their credit or debt records to have a viable records to be granted a loan for instance but there are instances wherein fraudulent minds can gain access to their personal information. My project is to raise awareness to consumers to make them realize that credit card fraud can happen to anyone. With this, it is important to be organized and keep all personal documents safe. Consumers should also be vigilant, if they have received billings for items that they did not purchase - contact the credit card company right away to straighten things out. Aside from that, paper receipts and documents need to be disposed properly as an effort for waste segregation and even recycling.