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In July 2008
Nationwide in Australia & New Zealand, Australia
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Matthew W., 7 years, 11 months ago

This is a really great programme - if you're interested in joining, or becoming part of The Conservation Volunteers organisation in Australia or New Zealand, we'd welcome your commitment!

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About This Project 

This is a Conservation Volunteers Australia & New Zealand project

This program is a new initiative managed by Conservation Volunteers to assist business and individuals to reduce their impact on the environment. We want to encourage every Australian to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions created in their daily lives and provide a genuine offset opportunity by the establishment of a series of carbon forests.

Our first carbon forest site, the W. James Whyte Island Reserve (‘The Island’) is a 204 hectare property which is significantly degraded and essential activities such as pest control, major plantings and exclusion fencing are required to restore it back to environmental health. We have planted over 40,000 locally indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses over the last 12 months, resulting in approximately 5,500 tonnes of carbon being stored in the native vegetation. Pest control activities have included the eradication of a significant rabbit population which has threatened the balance of natural flora and fauna in this area for many years. Extensive weed removal has also been completed. A five year program has been planned for ‘The Island’ with over 100,000 more trees to be planted.

For more information and to become a supporter of the Action for Climate Change program, please visit

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Volunteer in July 2008 by Matthew W.

Conservation Volunteers manages more than 2000 practical conservation projects across Australia and New Zealand each year. Conservation Volunteers welcomes people with a love of the outdoors and interest in the environment to take part as a volunteer.

Visit to search for volunteer opportunities across Australia.

Visit to search for volunteer opportunities across New Zealand.

Business Action in July 2008 by Matthew W.

Conservation Volunteers works with businesses that take climate change seriously and are working at reducing their own emissions. Together we can develop programs that reach out to the whole community and support Action for Climate Change.

Great examples of Business Action include:
1. BHP Mitsubishi Alliance is supporting an Action for Climate Change tree planting program and school based education campaign around their facility at Dysart, QLD.

2. Vodafone Australia is offering all customers loyalty reward points which customers can use to support Action for Climate Change.

Carbon Calculator in July 2008 by Matthew W.

Use the 'Action for Climate Change' carbon calculator below to work out the carbon emissions you generate at home and while travelling!