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In April 2009
San Carlos de Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina

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Greenhouse Gas Converter - Reducing CO2 emissions

A recent technological innovation, which has met the requirements of patentability, consists of a CO2 Converter; this device automotive applies to vehicles those using gasoline and also those using alternative fuels.

While the European Union implements mechanisms to reduce CO2 emissions from new cars, nothing is done with the current vehicle fleet, whose emissions exceed those industries.
Bioethanol is a Trojan horse for humanity and hydrogen technology is very far from being a reality, when climate change seems irreversible.
This project involves the installation of a CO2 converter, both used and new vehicles, ensuring a reduction in emissions of 70% or more per unit, surpassing the 20% proposed by the European Union by 2020. This implies the capture of billions of tons of CO2.
In addition to the rights, carbon credits that are obtained can be marketed in the markets for emissions. (Certified Emission Reductions - CERs).
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