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Even as we speak, a new global agreement on climate change is being formulated. At a critical UN climate conference in December 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark, we will see the results. The road to Copenhagen, however, will be a difficult one to tread. Humanity faces an array of unresolved issues: deforestation, adaptation, technology transfer. How can food and energy security be assured in a changing climate?


At Copenhagen we need more nations to come to the table and agree greater extensive emissions cuts. We need nations to get serious. The world needs countries like China and the United States to be actively involved in a new agreement. So how do we, as global citizens, have any impact on a largely closed discussion? How do we talk to China and stimulate their involvement?

在哥本哈根,我们需要更多国家的参与并锐减碳排放量。我们需要各国认真面对这个问题。世界需要中国和美国积极投入制定一个全球抗击全球变暖的新协议。作为世界公民,我们将如何影响这一重要的会谈? 我们又应如何与中国进行对话,促使他们积极参与这一讨论?

Celsias, of course, isn't just about questions -- it's about finding solutions. So I'm pleased to announce that over on we're launching "Bali to Copenhagen", a new project to bring bilingual (English and Chinese), expert debate to key climate-change issues. As Wu Changhua of the Climate Group said, the project is designed to "bridge the gap of understanding between China and other major countries to move the international community towards that agreement."

Celsias当然不只提出问题,而且还要找到解决方案。所以我很高兴在此宣布,我们通过chinadialogue.net开启了 "从巴厘到哥本哈根"的新项目。该项目以中英文双语发布有关气候变化的专家文章和进行相关的讨论。就如气候集团的吴昌华所说,该项目旨在 "为中国与其它国家建立桥梁,推动国际社会达成共识。"

chinadialogue has secured the input of an impressive array of advisers from think-tanks, academic institutions and governments from around the world. But now we need your help. Any comment you post on the site will be translated and read by a large audience in China. We're starting this week with a number of introductory articles. We will be asking our readers, "What would you tell the G8 leaders?" We'll keep you updated, informed and involved over the next 18 months, as the negotiating process progresses. So come check it out, comment, argue and share your ideas with China and the world.