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In March 2012
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About This Project 

After tuition, one of the biggest expenses college students face is paying for required class materials such as textbooks. As textbooks are often used for only one semester, many students sell their books to reclaim some of the money originally spent to use for new textbooks the following semester, other college expenses or personal items.

One way to sell college textbooks is at your campus book store. Campus book stores usually offer textbook buy back programs in which they pay students a percentage of the original cover price of any book needed the following semester or year.

Another way to sell college textbooks is by advertising that you have books for sale. Hang fliers around campus on bulletin boards anywhere students gather such as dormitories and outside classrooms, and list the information in your campus newspaper classified ad space. If you've never created fliers before, you don't need to spend a lot of money. Simply write down the titles of the textbooks, and your phone number, on a sheet of paper. Ask campus police to approve the flier for campus usage, if required, make six to eight copiers and then hang them around campus.

If you have no luck selling on campus, check out local options. College towns often have book stores that purchase books from students. The fastest way to sell college textbooks to local book stores is to call each store and simply ask if the option is available, as some stores don't advertise that they purchase textbooks. Most stores pay for textbooks on a sliding scale based on the original cover price, the title of the book and the its physical condition.

When face-to-face opportunities to sell college textbook don't pan out, you can also try to sell your books online to national book stores and online book buyers through In addition, you can try to sell your textbooks by listing them for sale on your personal website, social networks you belong to or general auction websites.