CDM project of Diesel Tree Plantation ( Jatropha Curcus) in Viet Nam, 10°


In April 2010
Son La province , Vietnam


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About This Project 

1. (Jatropha curcas) tree-planting initially on an area 13.000 hectares as forestry school
Next step is expansion of investment for farmers in neighboring region and in a form of primary fill ( supply varieties including the target product), then expand to as large as possible, contributing to the land empty of greening hills, worn-out anti, desert and improved environment.

2 .Initial product is about 400,000 tons of oil seeds for future export or processing of the 160,000 tons of biological diesel generating sets, oil and other products. Creating areas of raw material to build industrial parks in biology field for Son La Province (factory pressed diesel oil, manufacturing biological fertilizer, biogas, electricity …)

3. Generating certificate (credit) carbon dioxide (CO2) by the ability to absorb 900,000 tons of CO2 in the period up to 2012 and 2300,000 tons for next years under the Kyoto protocol
4. Creating more jobs, contributing to poverty reduction for local resident.

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  1. e.g. providing resources, financial support, labor