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The Carpool NZ website is a simple system designed to help people connect in order to share rides.

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Some stats on March 1st, 2011 in March 2011 by Galen King

I've never really shared this info with anyone but it might interest some people to know what kind of usage the Carpool NZ website gets.

So, to date, we have had:

1,629 RIDES listed
of which 911 are from people OFFERING rides

131 are FROM Christchurch, 121 FROM Auckland, 101 FROM Wellington and 81 FROM Takaka!

122 people are going TO Wellington, 120 TO Auckland, 113 TO Christchurch and 75 TO Nelson

1,076 rides are ONCE OFF
while 382 are listed as DAILY, 158 as WEEKLY and just 13 as MONTHLY

JAY has offered 11 rides and GAYA 7
while SASKIA has listed a ride NEEDED on 40 occasions!

87 people have offered to SHARE PETROL cost

So, anyway, quite interesting stuff.

What I don't know is how many people have actually CONNECTED through this service. That's pretty hard to measure.

Happy carpooling!