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In January 2008
Frederick, United States


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About This Project 

Carbon Reduction Action Groups (CRAGs) are viral groups whose members commit to voluntary caps of carbon emissions from personal energy use.

The average household can save over $1000 per year just by reducing energy use 10%. CRAGs help their members to learn about ways to save energy, save money, and save greenhouse gas emissions.

Anyone can start a CRAG. Our Maryland CRAG has 35 members and is planning to reduce total emissions by 73,756 pounds this year, a 10% reduction from national average. visit

1 Project Update 

There are two upcoming events. The first is ... in January 2008 by Shannon M.

There are two upcoming events. The first is at a Town Hall meeting in Emmitsburg, MD on Jan 30. The second is a table the following day at Frostburg State University for Focus the Nation.