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In June 2009
(a good idea here, is a good idea anywhere), New Zealand
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Kate H., 3 years, 5 months ago

I would absolutely shop in that section. Additional marketing support like this might be enough to get more food producers 'across the line' to go carbon neutral. The CN certification would need to be carefully assessed though.

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About This Project 

We have been trying to drum up support for the concept of carbon neutral supermarket sections. This would then give organisations a market imperative to measure, offset and reduce their carbon emissions. It is part of a bigger picture of in regards to a concept of carbon accounting that we believe is the correct way of accounting (much like a goods and services tax).

We believe that appealing to the market is the only way that an endorsement such as carbon neutrality can make a difference. At the moment there is a poor business case for carbon neutrality, if there was a recognised route to market this would change. It is upto the retail gatekeepers to make this happen, inside or outside of a regulatory framework.

Please see the video link below for a presentation we gave to the UNEP Governing Council in regards to this issue.

PLEASE ASK YOUR FRIENDS TO JOIN this project, aside for strong regulation the only way we are going to provoke a paradigm shift is through consumer behaviour. Send them the link -

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