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Lisa H., 4 years, 9 months ago

This is awesome! Love it...

Ruth S., 4 years, 4 months ago

Hello Ashley
I think that this project really am a very wonderful and some what self fulfilling. I don't know if this project is still on going since it was posted last year but what ever it is I like to know how can I be of good help in my own little way. You see I'm also am interested with organic beauty product and hair product.

Rein D., 3 years, 8 months ago

I highly appreciate your work. Thanks for sharing this post.

Kevin A., 2 years ago

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About This Project 

Blog-A-Tree aims to plant a tree for each blog that pledges to take our initiative with a blog post about our campaign that showcases our revolutionary green product that is the first of its kind.

Coming in August 2011 is a hair care product that contains not only wonderfully natural ingredients, but the bottle itself biodegrades and grows a tree! Organic Salon Systems feels very fortunate to be able to feature the first known hair product with a negative carbon footprint!

The product is manufactured in a factory that utilizes solar and wind energy as its power source. Uses soy ink printing that is does not contain harsh chemicals. Uses recycled reverse osmosis water. The packaging is derived from waster fruit and vegetables and acts as a fertilizer that germinates the seeds!
(For more product info

For each blogger that participates they will receive a Blog-a-Tree badge (authenticating their participation) , a tree planted in honor of their blog, and will be eligible to win their blog ad space in the green aware, New York TImes!

More information available upon request!

Through green colored glasses,


Get Involved!
  1. e.g. providing resources, financial support, labor

1 Project Update 

Tree In A Bottle Has Officially Launched! in August 2011 by Ashley M.

Tree In A Bottle is now available to purchase for you eco-conscious salon!

Ready to get some trees planted? We are!