Baby Steps can go a Long Way when it comes to Paper Recycling, 10°


In July 2011
Texas, United States


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About This Project 

Most people take for granted the fact that paper products can be found everywhere. This causes wastage because of the mentality that we can always have paper supplies whether at school, home or work. This wasteful lifestyle need to be changed if we want future generations to be able to witness the beauty and blessings our natural resources are giving us today.
Paper products do not always have to be thrown after use - recycling efforts have been around for many years and yet proper waste segregation is still a problem in most parts of the country.
While other companies go paperless and others shred their paper documents and hard drives to be recycled - we can also make a difference by trying to inculcate practical measures in our daily activities. To not print files that are really important, to opt for invoices receive through email instead of paper receipts. These simple efforts can inspire others to alter their wasteful behavior and we can show how much we care for the environment.