A Solar Powered- Compressed Air Car, 50°


In January 2008
Southern California, United States
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About This Project 

A Compressed-Air Motored Car Equipped with Solar Panels designed into the hood,roof,trunk lid and maybe even front and back windshields to solar charge a battery pack to power the on-board electric air-compresser to fill compressed air tanks as needed, for as a Solar powered-car can generate up to 8 h.p. this would by more than enough power to run the air-compressor and then to refill the air tanks. This car would run at 0 emissions.(runs on Compressed Air) So, if you make a compressed Air Car equipped with Hood, Roof,and Trunk lid Solar Panels and have this charge it's battery pack & also Power the Electric Compressor/generator to fill-up compressed air tanks. You would have a car that could run on Solar Powered w/Battery Storage with Compressed Air Motor.Would also have a external air hose connection to fill tanks with air from conventional air hose from gas stations and electrical plug-in outlet to charge battery if needed.

1 Project Update 

Still trying to get funds to start this ... in February 2008 by Lindsey S.

Still trying to get funds to start this project.