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Celsias website ranked third in world

September 2007
Celsias is now ranked third among dozens of climate change websites worldwide, according to 'authority' ranking data on, the leading website ranking company. Technorati has assigned an overall Authority ranking of 5,389 from over 55 million websites it monitors.

Celsias Links 120 countries in climate change projects
August 2007
Celsias will link around 100,000 visitors from 120 countries each month by registering their climate change projects online in the latest version of their popular website.

"Think of Celsias as the ultimate Climate Change project planning resource" says CEO Nick Lewis.

NZ-based Celsias sponsors 6400km bicycle ride across US
June 2007
New Zealand based global warming website Celsias is sponsoring 21 year old physicist Colin Davis on a three month, 6400 kilometer bicycle ride from San Francisco to Boston. Davis will start his Ride to Sustain on 7th of July by Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.

Celsias will follow Davis' ride by featuring regular blog posts, videos from his upcoming documentary and pictures of the projects he visits. "Our Objective in Sponsoring Colin's Ride to Sustain is to help attract attention to his innovative ride by informing the thousands of Celsias members", says Celsias CEO Nick Lewis.

Celsias climate change blog amongst the most popular in the World
February 2007
Celsias has zoomed form obscurity to the top 0.1% of worldwide blogs, according to the blog-ranking organisation, Technorati. And it has done this in less than eight weeks.

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