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New Zealand Herald   Celsias - where climate change meets web 2.0

"By using the power of web 2.0 technology, Celsias is bringing together companies and individuals that are serious about making a difference to the environment".
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TechCrunch   Celsias wants to keep green companies honest

"Celsias, one of the more more authoritative blogs on climate change, has launched a revamped version of its site that aims to encourage corporations to be more transparent with their eco-friendly projects."
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Washington Post   Celsias launches CSR service for green companies

"Celsias CEO Nicholas Lewis says that this is not a place for companies to hawk their eco-friendly products... Rather, it is a place for them to keep members of the community updated on projects that might not otherwise get a lot of press."

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US News & World Report   Celsias quoted as authoritative resource

"Both the Oil Drum and Celsias have written extensively on the Saudi grain and water situation. But with the world already reeling because of skyrocketing food prices, we seem to be entering a new phase"...
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The Times (London)   Celsias named top 5 eco-website in the world, voted a must read

"From Daryl Hannah to Al Gore to the science and economics of climate change, [this is] the very best of the web."
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The Wall Street Journal   We read Celsias

Just how environmentally sound are renewable energy systems? Andy Chrysostomou posts at Celsias about a recent report that aims to answer that very question
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Discover Magazine   Celsias as authoritative information resource

The climate blog Celsias offers some intriguing insight into geo-engineering. Recently spotlighted on DISCOVER's website, geo-engineering involves drastic, planet-scale alterations to the climate so Earth remains habitable for humans, despite our impressive negligence
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Netguide magazine   Interview with Celsias CEO, Nick Lewis

"Saving the environment" is the rallying cry of a generation, but do individuals have the power to create change? Yes, says Celsias.

Scoop Independent news   Ricoh sponsors climate change project on Celsias

Ricoh has become a Founding Corporate Sponsor of a climate change project on
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New Zealand Herald   Eco-blog Celsias takes top spot in global limelight

It takes a much sought-after invitation and $20,000 to secure six minutes of fame presenting at DEMO, the US conference showcasing the cream of the new technology start-up crop
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Dominion Post

 Wellington-based eco blog has been named in the top 5 environmental internet blogs in the world
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Silicon Welly

Celsias launches at DEMO 08

Wellington based Climate Change project website and blog Celsias pulled off their 6 minutes of fame presenting at DEMO 08
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The Star  US Newspaper use Celsias as authoritative information resource

Among sources for this column: The Associated Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian and the Celsias blog
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Mashable   DEMO 2008 Roundup

Now that Celsias encompasses such a large network of caring people, it's begun to offer a suite of tools in order to help the organizations leverage the power of the Internet to bring some organization to the growing sector
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Climate progress   Celsias selected as top 10 climate change blog

This week is the one year anniversary of Climate Progress, so... I wanted to make an objective ranking, so I decided to use Technorati, which ranks all blogs by 'authority' (the number of blogs linking to it). The lower the rank the better
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