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S-PRM is a wholesale provider of refurbished mobile phones. They sale cell phones in bunch of minimum 10 quantities. These refurbished mobile phones are tested and inspected properly.

Company Overview:
S-PRM is a wholesaler specializing in refurbished mobile phones. We are the leading supplier of wholesale cell phones and other mobile devices. We believe in delivering the constant supreme services to our customers. We provide refurbished mobile phones from all leading manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, LG, Sony etc. Our company strives to provide customers’ best refurbished cell phones at best prices.

Contact Details:
Phone: +972 54 234-5829

For sales & purchases:
Phone: +972 54 544-2179

China Office:
For sales & purchases:
Phone: +86 183 2084-0886 (English)
Phone: +86 158 9979-2796 (Chinese)
Phone: +86 150 1274-7715 (English)