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Terry G., 7 years, 10 months ago

I have been a member for at least 12 months. I registered under former Celsias registration regimes. When I first registered, I posted a lengthy comment about U.S. political speech disguises for true solutions to global warming. I was not able to confirm that my comments were ever published or dis tributed by Celsias. I was extremely moved by a video montage, aired on Celsias, and produced by a group in Rhode Island that asked the question "what can one person do?" I saw this on Celsias in November, 2007 and developed a program at my son's Montessori school for elementary children. The school's owner asked me to start an ecology club. I used the Celsias Rhode Island piece to develop the curriculum for the "club." Two days later a friend forwarded Annie Leonards' Story of Stuff, which is genius. I developed a productive, robust curriculum for elementary schoolers. If you are interested to hear more, let me know. I