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Shoot Nations 2008 is a free global photographic competition addressing the theme of ‘Young People in a Changing Climate’. We want to build a global picture of how climate change is affecting young people worldwide, how they can act now to slow the change and how they can adapt to the inevitable changes in the future.

‘Shoot Nations enables the smallest family, community or environmental issue to reach the highest level of global governance’

Competition closes Thursday 31st July at 6pm GMT.
Winners will be announced on Tuesday 12th August, International Youth Day 2008.
The concept is simple:
Any young person aged 11 – 24 can take and enter three photos (or drawings) to express their feelings on the following three briefs:

1. How is climate change affecting your life?
2. Act now - be the change!
3. Your world in the future.

* No photography experience necessary
* You should enter one photo/drawing per brief and upload your entries to with a caption to explain what your photo is about
* The photos/drawings you submit must be taken by you.
* You can submit entries that were created before the competition start date.

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Comments from 2007 winners: - "It was a rare opportunity to speak to the whole world through my photographs about the basic problems in my community’’ - Peter Gilbieri, 16, Ghana.

“Shoot Nations meant for me to show the world as I see it, to make visible my own private collection of the world whilst giving it back to the world itself.’’; Bárbara Anastácio, 22, Portugal.

Project co-ordinator Hamish Mackenzie, from Plan, says: “It’s about empowering young people to get involved with decision-making and for governments to take their views seriously.

The smallest community or family issue in the most remote area of the world can be photographed and displayed at the highest level of global government, the UN.”