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●About Shiro Hosojima
*I am currently employed as international research and networking specialist for EcoNetworks Co.
*Also member of GreenVote Project
*Founder of Green Crows
●About EcoNetworks Co.

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EcoNetworks contributes to sustainability through communications
・ Our name incorporates the concepts of "Ecology", "Economy", and "Network".
・Our Approach is to:
1. use knowledge and know-how about ecology and econom
2. provide value while maximizing the potential of our globally expanding network
・We hope play our part to make sustainability into a reality one step at a time.

At the beginning of the 21st century we are in the midst a "communications revolution" and a "sustainability revolution."

To move toward sustainability by creating new connections between nature (ecology) and human society (economy), we provide unique value-added services that make the most of this communications revolution.