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The website was born from a concern that all of us share in preserving the planet. The site provides options for purchasing both practical and exotic products that promote recycling and the use of sustainable materials.

The founders of have been active in various recycling businesses for over 25 years. This site was created when they recognized that the recycled industry is typically too product specific for most people to find options that are available to them when searching for environmentally friendly products.
We are not a site that promotes one product or even one genre of sustainable, recycled materials. Rather, we are a gathering place for those that share our commitment to taking responsibility for our habits of buying and using products that are good for the planet.

We represent companies that manufacture goods that are practical and useful in our everyday lives. We also support artists that create some of the most beautiful works of art utilizing recycled and or, sustainable materials.

All of the companies and artisans of the items we offer utilize methods of manufacturing that are proven safe to the environment. In addition, we proudly support the members of the Fair Trade Federation for goods that are created in third world countries. This organization is committed to ensuring fair wages and suitable working conditions in impoverished regions of the globe. offers a wide variety of products at the best possible prices to our customers. Our goal is to provide one stop shopping for all environmentally friendly products.

We are committed to growing the site by continuously adding new products from sources throughout the world. To show our commitment we urge you to share with us items that we may not currently offer. We will do our best to become a source for anything that promotes a healthier environment and a better way of life.

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