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I am a small speck in the Universe, as Unique as everybody else. My actions and choices are as powerful as the flapping of a butterfly's wings. Just like everybody else I love this planet paradise. Of course there is much more to me than that but being here is definately not about me. Its about us, acknowledging the mistakes we have made and about sharing better ways.
So I'm here for the kids and the Earth with it's beautiful green coating of living, breathing, swimming, flying, running, and thinking beings :-)


It took Nature millions of years to clear the atmosphere of all the dark and toxic stuff such that there could be light on Earth. And it was good, and where there was light there could be life.

Nature employed an incredibly sophisticated ever evolving and self-regulating intelligent filter system to entomb the oil, gas and coal deep in its underbelly so that life could emerge and grow and be expressed in incredible abundance and stunning variety.
Then, along comes homo sapiens, digs it all up and puffs all the bad stuff back into the atmosphere... In less than 200 years we have learned to render air un-breathable, oceans un-swimmable, water un-drinkable, and diseases un-curable.

Destruction is a by-product of how children learn how things function. Maybe it's time for us to grow up a little and learn to use all that knowledge we have gained to put things back together.