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“May the dreams of your past be the reality of your future”

To make a difference,
to change the way things are
it is not enough to simply wish.
It is not enough to wait for a change.

It is not enough to simply hope.

To make our future planet different, You must make a change yourself.

Our Future Planet is the first non - profit organization that allows You to decide the direction of our future.
There are many charity organizations that all follow their own specific goal, but OFP is the first to create something bigger: a whole new planet of change.

Our Future Planet is a white canvas, where anyone can start drawing the ideal planet.

There is no right or wrong. Everyone has a dream future planet.
The goal of OFP is to bring those dreams together to shape our future.

Draw the line under our present,
and join OFP to create Your future planet.

By joining OFP, you receive access to proposals of the citizens of our future planet.
You gain access to “the ideas globe” – globe linking many, many proposals and actions of our citizens.
You can start your own actions, petitions and proposals, or support, comment and debate on the ideas of others.
You add on to “wikivisions”, that allows you to find new definitions to terms like “population”, “wisdom” and “air”.
You take part in new OFP projects, that gain more and more support everyday or you can start your own.

Our Future Planet is a rapidly growing and developing planet.
There are no borders. There are no edges. It is Your planet.

Become a citizen today, and change Your tomorrow



"The best way to predict the future is to invent it"
- Alan Kay

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