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About Me

About Me:
I am a happy and busy citizen of planet earth!

In my day job I am owner and director of Alto, a visual communication design company with a focus on sustainability and cultural transformation.

I’ve got the hots for web-based interaction that is community and participation-centric that empowers users to network.

I currently serve as the Chair of the Sustainability Trust. Our trust which enables people to adopt new sustainable behaviours.

I have helped establish a young professionals network called Intersect for young(ish) people who are passionate about cultural transformation and sustainability.

Areas of interest and expertise:
Design, Visual Communication, Networking, Behaviour Change, Online Community, Organisational Learning, Creative Process, Social Entreprenuerialisms, Ukulele


My favourite things about the ‘new world’ that I see emerging around me today; a culture of care, Dialogue (with a capital ‘D’), U Process (in business meetings too!), humans beginning to open up to their limitless nature, the opportunities for connection and meaning that the quest for ‘sustainability’ creates, deeply happy people who hold complexity with grace.

I also love the ukulele. It is a significant part of creating a happier world.


Megan Hosking, 7 years, 11 months ago

Hey Celsias Team - Site is looking great! Looking forward to seeing it utilised. Cheers, Megan

Matthew W., 7 years, 11 months ago

Thanks Megan! Great to see you using the site! Don't forget to tell all your friends :)