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Dusty, old quilted coat, were Johnny and Tristan. Johnny was wedged into a corner, sleeping with Tristan in his arms. Dried, muddy tear marks streaked his cheeks. The cat rhythmically extended each paw, apartamente one at a time, into the bucuresti air, claws protruding and retracting in a cycle of pure joy, purring loudly. My grandmother had called it knitting. It was the same action baby kittens made against their mother's furry undersides when they nursed. imobiliare bucuresti Johnny stirred and opened his eyes. He blinked a few imobiliare times. A huge tear imobiliare bucuresti welled in the corner of his eye. It was soon followed by another and yet another until the dried tear tracks were once again flowing case de vanzare with salty moisture.He held his little arms out to me, too upset to get up. His lower lip trembled and I lifted him from the floor. I crushed him against me until he begged for air. Opa!