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"Since I was 21, I have never been lonely. The opportunities granted to me at the beginning helped me not only to lead a happy life but to be happy in the life I led. I have been aware of my shortcomings and my limits, but I have made the best of them. When I was tormented by what was happening in the world, it was the world I wanted to change, not my place in it."~ Simone de Beauvoir

"Un trèfle à 4 feuilles ça porte chance a celui qui le trouve, a celui qui le cueuille, a celui qui le reçoit et a celui qui le conserve. Finalement, il n'y a qu'au trèfle lui même que cela ne réussit pas." / "A 4-leaf clover brings luck to the one who finds it, the one who picks it, the one who receives it and he who keeps it. Finally, there is only the clover that faills to benefit from it all."~ Geluck.



Sophie J., 6 years, 3 months ago

Hi Lanna I love reading your long profile. But I never got your long message to me. Only the second one! Do send again. Best regards Sophie

Lanna Gerline Millien, 6 years, 2 months ago

I was delighted to read your post Sophie! Thanks for expressing an appreciation for my long profile. This long profile is more a result of trying to share as authentically as possible rather than trying to be pompous or pretentious. I have yet to find a way to be someone else while being on my own path. Your profile was also a pleasure to read. No doubt that I will write you again. If only I could find that first message I sent you. It has perhaps been biodegraded by now (smile). Best regards, Lanna Gerline Millien