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Cart-king is a custom Food Cart Suppliers. We manufacture custom mobile food kiosks and food carts for sale for every need. The unit shown was fabricated made for the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. Cart-King is a leading design and manufacturer of high concept street cart designs and manufacturing. Whether you are wanting to sell hot-dogs, beverages, coffee or food, this unit does it all. We will help you compare the basics in beautifying your street vendor. The unit is manufactured in stainless steel or welded aluminum, (your choice). This food cart for for sale is a “generalized unit”, we can manufacture exactly to your needs. As we are a custom food cart supplier, this unit can have strategically placed two “eye-level” shelves for you on all 4 posts for a combination of eight highly view-able areas for product display. Cart-King International has been in business 15 years and enjoys a wealth of prior success. Please call us today for more information on our cart display concepts.