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I am a science and sustainability enthusiast living in a charming little river town in Minnesota. Growing up I tagged along with my father as he studied fish and plant communities around the Midwest. As a little girl, I aspired to become a biologist and as I grew up became involved in a myriad of research activities in addition to local conservation organizations. I hold a MS from Texas A&M University where I studied the evolutionary ecology and also realized my love of teaching. I also hold a MA in Instruction and currently work as a biology instructor at a small university and a part time grant-writer for a small liberal arts college. As time allows, I free-lance write for a number of Web sites on topics ranging from ecology and green living to skin care and health.

When not teaching or writing, you'll find me road biking and mountain biking in and around the Mississippi River Valley, helping my husband restore our 110 year old bungalow or reading up on the latest in natural history and biodiversity.


"I played around our yard some and talked to the fence posts, sung songs and made the weeds sing..."
-Woody Guthrie

"The laws of biology are written in the language of diversity."

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Jennifer is doing this action: Cloth Napkins: Classy and Eco-conscious!

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Cloth Napkins: Classy and Eco-conscious!. Doing this since in October 2008.

Use a manual lawn mower.. Doing this since in September 2008.