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Born in Denver, Colorado, lived all over the United States and even in Canada, traveling with my father, a building contractor, who was into "green" building (adobe, sod, etc.) before it was cool. Worked on a newspaper in California, an aerospace firm in Colorado, a utility company in Minnesota, and an oil firm in Winnipeg. Live to write, mostly about the environment and sustainability, in hopes that someday my grandchildren will inherit a better world. Finished a book on environmental initiatives for homeowners, to be published sometime in 2009. Welcome conversation, even disputation, but dislike chit-chat. Life is getting seriouser by the day (and, yes, I know there is no such word, but there should be). :)


Life is a journey; don't get lost studying other people's footprints.


Jeanne Roberts, 7 years, 12 months ago

John G., I don't know what subject you are referring to, so find it difficult to give you facts. Your thoughts, however, are unlikely to be without weight or merit. Please let me know what article/subject you are interested in.

Keith O., 4 years ago

I read this acrticle and comments some time after it ran. let me qualify my position and statements before I comment. 1 . I have worked in the Gulf for 13 years. 2. My boat was the third boat in that day. Jason Anderson was childhood friend,,he did nt come home. Now I noticed in the language of the article that one name was noticably absent, Robert Kaluza, Why? Ultimately it was and is on his shoulders for the failure to stick to policy. Being a veteran of this industry, the buck stopped right there. Also I happen to know that recent litigation has revealed Cameron Industries to sending a flawed B.O.P. to the Horizon. So yes some blame deserves to be laid there. again it came down to the company man and the O.I.M. established safe work practices were not adhered to. thats these guys jobs. We drill these wells, the work is hard it is dangerous and all our safety guidelines are written in blood. Even before 21 April, someone died or was injured and it became a policy. In the months following the Horizon I personally attackerd false information. False infomation disseminated by people who watched the news. Let me say this, if it werent for the safety training and rapid reponse bt nearby vessels,,we would have lost ever soul on that rig. The fact we only lost 11 is a testament to that fact. Unfortunately Jason was one of them, My friend wont hold his wife or kids again,,ever. Therefore lets place blame squarely on those shoulders it belongs. I stand ready to offer any guidance I can on procedure and policy. I am not trying to pugilistic,merely wanting to express my desire that people who draft articles are the best informed. Let us not forget,those 11 men were husbands,dads,sons, friends. the oilfield is the ultimate good ol boy network. I for one miss that ole boy.

Jeanne Roberts, 4 years ago

I don't consider you pugilistic at all; I was unaware of Kaluza's culpability or I would have mentioned him - I don't pull any punches. That said, and considering the rest of your comment, I'm puzzled why you didn't post this on the blog site? But thanks for the inside info in any case.

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