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Home Town: Auburn, Iowa
Education: BS Degree, Sociology, History
Graduate work, Counseling Psychology
Case worker, adoption foster home care.
Occupational Counselor, US Dept of Labor.
Community Organizer. Created Linn Council on Aging with Federal Grant. Recruited, trained and supervised 900 volunteers in seven programs.
Created Hensel Insurance Agency, Inc. from scrach. Brought in wife and step son. Now have 6000 customers.
I am not subject to the Hatch Act.
Precinct Captain for Barack Obama and Linn County Democrats.
Non religious. People create gods.
Hobbies: Geology, Archeology, Anthropology, Astronomy, Sociology, Psychology, History, Geography, Government, Politics, Biology, Photography, Music, Theater, Arts, Cats, Animals, Meteorology, Climate Change and survival of the planet.


We are the change we have been waiting for.

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