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Starting out with “6 guys in a garage”, and a body design George Parker had in his head since 1989, FVT has matured to more than 20 team members with strengths in automotive, marine, batteries, controls, drive systems and power electronics. Our first vehicle (the ale’) achieved 92 mpg on regular gasoline and set the stage for the eVaro’s impressive performance and efficiency. We do believe our game-changing innovations will reduce the world’s dependence on oil, reduce our carbon footprint, create skilled and meaningful jobs, and move mankind towards sustainability. We take great pride in being part of one of the most significant movements in history. FVT believes the reason the automobile has not fundamentally changed for decades is that no small North American company has grown into a big carmaker in the past 50 years. Imagine what the computer industry would be like today if Wang, Data General and DEC were still the only manufacturers. North America desperately needs the inventors - the small groups of passionate people who push the envelope and bring disruptive innovations to the world. This industry needs a group of mavericks! Enter FVT. To quote Brian Till from Speed Channel,"… it is amazing what a small group of guys with a little ingenuity and a garage in the backyard can do." We agree. FVT believes that their success to date and their continued success rely on their determination and passion for creating technologies so significant they define the beginning of a new era in transportation. Besides, we love working on cars.