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Hi All,

My name is Feroze, I like reading books, watching TV, travelling ,chatting with people and designing websites. One such website is on Ebooks, and a little description of the site is given below. You are most welcome to visit my site and if you have any question feel free to contact me.

Welcome to myebookssite.com. We hope that you enjoy our listings of ebooks for $1 or less. Our continuous effort to add more and more ebooks everyday to make this site a virtual library.

This is a site for students, business people , professionals or just to increase our knowledge. Your own library will be as far as you computer is . No maintanence cost , no book shelves , no loosing of books ,no ware and tare, no returns of books , no late fines ( once bought its yours for life).

Acces your library from you own comfort zone. We are working hard to help your reading habits and accessibility easier.

Lot more has been added to the site including software , website templates and many more , all these at the same old prices .

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