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Practicing CPA who has written and been involved on energy issues for over 30 years. Co-author "The Economics of Nuclear and Coal Power" (Praeger 1976), Author "A Solar Greenhouse Guide for Iowa and the Central Midwestern States" (ISU Energy Extension Service, 1982), Author "Business Risks and Costs of New Nuclear Power", (web-published by Ctr for American Progress Jan 2009). Former Assistant to the Chairman and Chief Commerce Counsel, Iowa State Commerce Commission. Founder and former Executive Director of Iowa Ctr for Local Self-Reliance (energy conservation & solar information ctr). Former Finance Manager, Iowa Railway Finance Authority.


At a time when the world climate is a "3 Alarm Fire", choosing to build new nuclear power plants is like buying a gold-plated garden hose, when with the same amount of money you could buy the fire engines we really need.