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Talie Morrison, 7 years, 1 month ago

Hi Carol -- I loved getting your contact. Antarctica was amazing - I was there for 14 months and really enjoyed watching the days go to 24 hours of sun and then 24 hours of darkness. It was awesome! I am still in New Zealand but will be flying back to the states on Friday (5/15). You can see the places I've been in NZ at my blog: (I started it shortly before I left the ice). I love the pic with your dogs! They look like great friends! Peace, Talie

Carol K., 7 years, 1 month ago

Hi Talie, I just read all your blogs. They brought back so many fond memories of my hiking days and travel. I am confined to bed the last few days. Still recovering from radiation sickness which could take a few more months yuk, but reading about your adventure was like getting out for me. New Zealand is another place on my "bucket list" if I am able. Do you think there is any chance they would let me on to the ice in summer for a stint if I am in cancer remission? Or would they worry that I'd be a potential medical drag? Namaste, Carol

Talie Morrison, 7 years, 1 month ago

Carol, I don't know what their policies are for the "PQ" process (that's the physical qualifications). They gave me a pretty intense physical before I went (and then a psyche test before I wintered!). I usually figure that I might as well "go for it" when I want something - and the worst that can happen is that someone says "no"! I figure they can't say "no" if I don't push the question! :-) I am picturing you in good health so you can get to New Zealand and Antarctica! Peace! Talie

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