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I am married, have no kids, a long distance walker, a climber of moderate terrain, a warm water surfer. I'm currently pursuing an MSC in advanced environmental studies and energy. I've lived off grid on a small sailboat in Bermuda. I've been a teacher, a theatre technician, a carpenter, a drifter. My wife and I are planning a move back to the states with the intent of once again going off grid, pursuing a permaculture based lifestyle and developing a community education program about the process.


"The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them." – Albert Einstein

Liberate yourself from the tyranny of consumerism - to me from me


Matthew W., 8 years ago

Hi C Robb, great to see you on the site! I'm here in NZ but went to Sheffield Hallam Uni and school in Worksop. Awesome to see the site is having an impact at home too!

Matthew W., 8 years ago

Hi C Robb W Yes, I do to a certain extent. The thing about NZ is that it basically runs on agriculture and tourism, so the government has to sit up and listen when issues facing the two biggest industries arise. The whole infrastructure of a country needs to be addressed for stuff like this though of course, and it's taking a while for those in power to understand the level of the commitment they're going to have to make. In NZ, they've got past the 'we recognise it's an issue', but government is still working out what to do next. How are things progressing in the UK at the moment?

Juliana K., 6 years, 3 months ago

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