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I am a long-retired English teacher. In recent years I have become aware of how serious a threat to the human future global warming is. I consequently take whatever opportunities I can to write about it. I write occasional columns and book reviews for my provincial paper, the Waikato Times, and contribute regularly to the New Zealand climate change website Hot Topic ( and occasionally to Celsias.


Bryan Walker, 6 years, 7 months ago

Lanna, I don't have any reference track. I simply try to keep an eye on what's coming up on booksellers' lists in the categories that interest me, and take notice of anything mentioned on websites or book review pages. As far as possible I look at who might be recommending the books in any reviews such as those provided on Amazon, and select what I think might be worth reading. I either buy them or borrow them from the library. The book list on Celsias has grown that way - it includes only books that I have read.

Lanna Gerline Millien, 6 years, 7 months ago

...Also, I wanted to humbly suggest a few titles and this is the reason why I first inquired about the selection of books appearing on Celsias. On that note and since change is rarely considered to be easy, may I mention one last reference that might also be of interest: ~"Change Without Pain", Harvard Business Review. Abrahamson, E.~ It could be an easy read for most and it addresses the topic of change in organizations with respect to the often heard saying: "change or perish". It might perhaps be a resource for anyone on Celsias who is a key decision maker within an organization. It addresses mainly the topic of change within a corporate work environment but can also provide insight for leaders in other environments. Lanna Gerline Millien

Bryan Walker, 6 years, 7 months ago

Lanna, thanks for the suggestions. I was interested to look the titles up. But at present I'm pretty snowed under with new titles, and on the whole I'm mostly concentrating on newly published works. The Change Without Pain book reminded me of one title in the book list - Peter Senge's The Necessary Revolution. I reviewed it last year for our regional newspaper, but their website doesn't carry many of the reviews. I wasn't writing for Celsias at the time, or I would have written a review there. His concern is to help people in business and other organisations migrate to the real real world outside the bubble of apparent reality in which they are trapped. Sustainability is his vision. The impact of climate change on health features incidentally in a lot of what I read, but I haven’t come across anything focused on that topic alone. You’ll see in a review of Stephan Faris’s book Forecast which will probably appear on Celsias in the next few days that he has a chapter largely devoted to vector-borne disease like malaria.