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Do you know the origin of Chinese civilization? Most start from the basins of Yellow River and Yangtze River which called as the Mother Rivers in China. What they bring to China is the development and civilization. At same time, there are various attractive historical sites and cultural relics left along these two rivers. Now, I would show you the famous scenic spots follow the Yangtze River Cruise.
Most Yangtze River cruises visit the spots between Yichang and Chongqing. Victoria Jenna is a 5-star luxury cruise takes you to visit the Fengdu Ghost City, the Lesser Three Gorges and Three Gorges Dam in four days if starts from Chongqing to Yichang this downstream tour. Fengdu Ghost Town, located at the downstream of Chongqing City and north shore of Yangtze River, is one of the holy land for president Prime cruise. Fengdu Ghost Town, also known as the Youdu and Chinese Shenqu Town, is famous for various constructions and sculpts of netherworld in President Prime cruise. Three Gorges is a big valley with grand scenery, which is one of Ten Scenic Spots in China. According to the form of Three Gorges Dam, many historical sites were moved to other places and the original addresses were flooded. The Three Gorges Dam is the largest Hydroelectric Power Station in the world, so it becomes one of the famous spots along Yangtze River. No matter the Victoria Jenna, you can also visit it in Century Diamond cruise. And Regal China is also a 5-star cruise which would leads you to visit the Shennong Stream which is another tributary of the Yangtze River, and its fast-flowing, crystal clear water runs southwards through deep gorges. The stream races past large and small karst caves, flocks of swallows, sheer cliffs, deep gorges, waterfalls, three-colored springs, rapids, the ancient plank path, a suspended coffin in the cliff, groups of ancient tombs and marvelous karst formations. It is a best place for adventure tour – driftage.

Would you like to enjoy the other culture of China? Tibet is the paradise place for travelers who are interested in Tibetan Buddhism. Lhasa tour is the core of Tibet tour, includes the most famous and representative attractions and symbols of Tibet, such as Potala Palace, Johkang Temple, Sera Monastery, etc.
River and mountain are the main elements of China tour package, almost every city has its famous river or mountain. For example, Guilin is a beautiful city with the perfect combination of river and mountain, so Guilin tour is the most favorite tour during China city tour. It is said that foreigners think the tours in China are the most interesting and abundant offered by China tour operator.