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Riptide Managed IT Services, 10°

Riptide Managed Services provides Orlando IT support with Enterprise grade Service Level Agreements at consumer level pricing. Riptide is able to meet your businesss unique needs from a single remote technician working on routine issues, to dedicated on premise IT support staff for your entire business. Riptide is a proactive ...

Company in Computing

Smile IT, 10°

Smile Business Group offers a wide range of cloud solutions to suit all business and school needs. Smile has accredited partnerships with key cloud solutions providers including Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, Xero, Unleashed and GeoOp. Smile Business Group offers a wide range of business solutions including IT consulting; IT ...

Company in Computing

Notebookmechanix, 10°

Apple MacBook Repairs, Support, Service and Parts Replacement for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Nationwide Quality Apple Repair and Part Replacements. WE DO OTHER BRANDS AS WELL HP, DELL, ACER & MORE..CHECK ARE STORE

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enterpriselead, 10°

Enterprise Lead developed their first Lead Management Platform software in 2007 with the idea of working with companies not as a client, but as a partner. That is why we are the only lead management cloud based software that does not charge any subscription fees, monthly fees, or any hidden ...

Company in Computing

In Business4Good Enterprises Green Drive Campaign, 0°

We are the developers, as part of the Climate Computing Initiative(supporting affiliated member) of the 8 MM Green Pc campaign, which you can visit here.

Company in Children and Families, Climate Change, Computing, Education

Mark Winter, 0°

The Computers Off campaign is a simple but important initiative designed to educate home, business and government users on how to reduce our carbon footprint by enabling power management on our home and work computers. Implementing power management will substantially reduce your carbon emissions – and make a real difference ...

Organization in Climate Change, Computing, Education, Emissions, Energy Saving, Events

WHO, 0°

Company in Computing

Nation Of Code, 0°

Nation Of Code are a project based; fully immersive programming boot camp that can transform individuals with little or no prior coding experience into fully fledged software developers. What sets them apart from other programming boot camps is that they are an all inclusive course; they focused on the .NET ...

Company in Computing

HOMER Energy, 0°

HOMER Energy provides software and consulting services in the design and financial analysis of hybrid renewable energy systems. The company uses HOMER energy modeling software, originally developed at the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory, to design microgrid power systems incorporating renewable energy, storage and conventional fuel sources. HOMER software is ...

Company in Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Clean Technologies, Computing, Economics, Energy Saving, Green energy, Solar

On Call Tech, 0°

You will speak to a real live person 99% of the time when you call us… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. If you need repair services for your computer, laptop or mobile devices give us a call at (614) 895-3339 for all ...

Company in Computing

Volunteer Help Center, 0°

Our mission is to offer meaningful opportunities for volunteers, and for both cultures to gain a deeper understanding of each other. We empower our communities by providing education in English, health-care, agriculture, the environment, and the job market. Our program provides support to international volunteers who hope to create a ...

Company in Agriculture & Food, Computing, Economics, Environment & Wildlife, Environmental Disasters, Food, Health, Organic, Permaculture, Transport, Travel, Weather

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