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In October 2010
Gaithersburg, MD, United States

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Linda Stein
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28 Allenhurst Courst
Gaithersburg, MD
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United States

About Us 

Zosimos Botanicals LLC is a woman-owned business which has operated in the State of Maryland since 2004. The business name is derived from the historical personage Zosimos of Panoplis, a 3rd Century alchemist. Panoplis is present day Akhmim in the South of Egypt. Alchemy is viewed as the precursor to modern Chemistry. Zosimos Botanicals embodies a vision of wholesome, clean and healthful natural living.

Zosimos Botanicals LLC is an e-commerce retailer of Mineral Cosmetics and Natural Skincare, specializing in offering alternatives to mass-produced cosmetics. Zosimos' ingredient philosophy is that the natural inherent benefits of botanicals make superior products. Details of each ingredient can be found under the Ingredients Used section. Mini and Trial sizes can be ordered through the Samples page or on many of the Individual Product pages.

Formulations include wide range of Cosmetics; Skincare and Hair Care. Line includes Mineral Foundation; Primer; Blush; Pencils; Eye Crayons; Cream Concealer; Eyeshadow; Color Correctors; Bronzer; Lip Gloss; Lipstick; Lip Balm, Facial Cream; Masks; Toner; Shower Gel; Face Wash; Serum; Body Butter; Shampoo; Conditioner; Dry Shampoo and Hair Oil.